Gas Analysis

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Resting Metabolic Rate

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to know how many calories to consume.

The Resting Metabolic Rate test, measures your oxygen consumption whilst resting. From this your minimum calorie requirements can be calculated. The test involves you breathing into a mask, whilst sitting or laying down.

Your total calorie expenditure is you Resting Metabolic Rate, plus your physical activity levels. To estimate your activity levels you will wear a Lifecorder Activity Monitor for 24 hours.

Your calorie expenditure whilst active will be calculated when walking on a treadmill.

The above tests will enable us to accurately calculate your daily calorie requirements.

We are also able to provide dietary advice, regarding your calorific intake that will achieve sustainable weight loss.

Aerobic V02 Max Testing

Using Gas Analysis to measure oxygen consumption whilst exercising, you can accurately measure your lactate threshold and aerobic workout zones.

With this information a detailed training programme can be prescribed proving precise Heart Rate Zones at which to workout. This will enable you to achieve your optimum fitness or training goal.

You can also accurately calculate how many calories you expend during your training. This will allow you to adequately refuel following each training session or it is useful if you are trying to lose weight.

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