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Using gym equipment

Using Video analysis, we are able to offer a wide range of assessments to help you with techniques and injury prevention in the following sports:


Would you like to improve your golf swing? Generate a more powerful and efficient swing with decreased risk of injury? A video analysis can assess your swing frame by frame, identifying areas where improvements in efficiency and power generation can be made and also identify potential injury risks. A personalized training program can be written to help improve YOUR GOLF.


Running involves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Would you like to improve these areas to help you with your running? Having a poor running technique often leads to debilitating injuries and muscle imbalances. A video analysis will enable a specifically tailored programme to be designed, which will identify what insoles should be ordered and fitted to enhance your running. This can result in a more efficient running technique with decreased injury risk.

Weight Training and Sport

Whether you are a cyclist, indoor rower or train with weights, a video analysis of your technique can help you become stronger, faster and more efficient. Specific training programmes can be written to improve your technique and efficiency. The analysis can also be used to show you potential injury sites and muscle imbalances. You can compare video footage of your old and new technique.

If your particular sport is not listed above or if you have any queries regarding any other activities, please call us on 07956 308 886.

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