Gait Analysis

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Analysing gait

At Functional Physio, we use state of the art technology, Sprintex Gait Analysis Slat Treadmill and Templo Video Analysis Software to accurately study your gait, body movement and muscle action.

This can identify potential problems of your gait. The video clips are downloaded on to a CD, so you are able to see in slow motion for yourself how you walk/run, giving you a clearer understanding of your particular problems, this can also be used to show other Health Professionals or Coaches/Trainers.

The Gait Analysis will enable you to purchase the correct footwear. We can refer you to Runners World who will be able to give you a 10% discount on a new pair of trainers.

Ensure the correct exercise program is prescribed.

Identify any potential problems at your:

  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Ankles
  • Low Back

Prescribe exercises to minimize the risk of these problems reoccurring.

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