About Us

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive package of Personal Fitness Training including:

  • Fitness Assessment and Screening.
  • Strength and Aerobic Programs.
  • Video Gait and Sports Analysis.
  • Programs to maximise Sports Performance.
  • General Nutrition and Diet Advice.

In addition we provide a full Physiotherapy Service including treatments for:

  • Chronic Pain.
  • Acute Injuries.
  • Full Rehabilitation from Injuries.
  • Risk Assessment to minimise Injury.


Functional Physio is the expansion of One to One Fitness, established by Adam Lovegrove in 1992 as a Personal Training Service. In 1998 Adam was joined by Jacqui Burke and together they have developed the range of services to include full physiotherapy treatments, rehabilitation, injury and risk assessment, video gait and performance analysis. In 2006 they expanded their premises and now have a fully equipped Personal Training Studio and treatment room of over 1000 square feet.